Samsung Galaxy S7 How to create folder - Resolved

If you want to organize on the new Samsung Galaxy S7 the app menu or on the home screen, then we recommend to create folders for your apps. This is very easy and simple in Android Marshmallow when you know how to do.

Create a new folder on the home screen or app menu on the Samsung Galaxy S7:

1. For this, seek out two apps that you like to want to merge in a folder

2. Tap now on one of the two apps and hold your finger on it until it is lifted.

3. Draw the app now to the second application, which should be in the folder

4. Once both apps are on one another, release the app

5. It will appear a window where you can now assign a new name for the just created folder.

6. Then, the folder is displayed on the home screen of the Samsung Galaxy S7. A folder always must have at least two apps included. If this is not the case, then the folder will be dissolved.

The procedure described above also works for the app menu. You know now how to create a new folder on the home screen or in the app menu on the Samsung Galaxy S7.

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#7 Tileigh 2017-01-11 10:57
Kinda useless to me. I have an s7 edge yet when I hold an app , it doesn't lift.
#6 Charles Munson 2016-12-18 22:57
How does one remove an app from a folder when the folder is in the Apps folder.
#5 Rahul 2016-10-27 11:33
:-) Very Helpfull Thanks
#4 fred 2016-08-19 13:32
great job ! been trying do this for weeks
#3 Km 2016-06-29 01:04
In the App menu, on the top right is an "Edit" option.. click it and you will see minus (-) button on each app.. if you hold an app and drag it to another app, both will create a folder, in the app menu.. And you can add more app to the folder using this "Edit" screen..
#2 Not for App Menu 2016-05-07 06:39
I have tried, but it doesn't work for App menu. Everytime I select and hold on an App in App menu, it will automatically direct me to Home Screen....
#1 AL 2016-03-27 18:06
Sooo, I cant just create/label several empty folders first, THEN fill them appropriately?? ? I FIRST have to have 2 items to merge? seems like a pointless process control/change.

"I'm sorry sir, but I cant sell you this box unless you have two items to put in it first."

"I have a wallet and a phone, but the box is for some tools and few other things I'm buying later today."

"Ok sir, I just need two items, you can take them out later, I just can't sell you this box until you put something in it."