Samsung Galaxy S5 How to delete saved fingerprints

If you use the finger scanner on your Samsung Galaxy S5, then you can register up to three fingerprints. With these, you can then unlock the Samsung Galaxy S5 over the finger scanner. If you now want to enroll a new fingerprint, you must first delete an existing fingerprint in the manager of the Samsung Galaxy S5.

We show you how to delete a fingerprint on the Samsung Galaxy S5 now here in our article:

Open at first the menu from the home screen and then the Settings. Navigate here to:

Finger Scanner -> Fingerprint Manager

You find yourself now in the fingerprint manager of the Samsung Galaxy S5. Here press long on one of the registered fingerprints until they can be selected. You can either select all fingerprints or only one fingerprint. Select the fingerprints, you want to delete and then tap on the top right at the trash can icon to delete the fingerprint.

Ready! You have now successfully removed a fingerprint on your Samsung Galaxy S5.

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#4 Ruud Uphoff 2016-07-01 08:34
This does note work!
I mus NOT scan my finger or use a backup p[censored]word !!!!
#3 Be1 2015-12-22 11:10
Finallygotit, I used following steps but again it doesn't work at my Samsung S5.
#2 Johnny Doe 2015-05-04 03:37
This doesn't work on my s5 with Verizon. Doesn'the have the same menu options.
#1 finallygotit 2015-04-17 03:19
If you have lost your stored Alternate p[censored]word:
Go to
Settings/Applic ations (All)/fingerprints
CLEAR cached
Then go back to settings/finger prints