Samsung Galaxy S5 MMS download is not working

If you receive an MMS message in the Messages app on your Samsung Galaxy S5, then it can happen that you tap on the download button, but the download is not performed. This usually has the following simple reason:

If you try to download the MMS with a WiFi connection, then this will not work. For being able to download a MMS message on the Samsung Galaxy S5, will need to authorize yourself via the mobile data network. Only then the MMS message can be downloaded.

So activate the mobile data connection on your Samsung Galaxy S5, to download the MMS message. Thats it!

You should now be able to download it completly and to read the MMS message.

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#3 Alex 2016-08-30 16:56
I had my data network on and even switched off wifi but still does not download
#2 T.Clarke 2016-06-23 17:30
It worked when Wi-Fi was switched to data roaming Thanks
#1 Alexis 2015-10-27 17:04
No it does not work.. but speaking of mobile data.. anyone from att&t wna explain why we were forced to pay a rediculas phone bill fir going over in our GB.. when my mother & I have called multiple times saying we have wifi at our house.. &were not ever on it anywhere else..
The COMCAST lady told me why it was happening && all AT&T ppl acted like thry couldn't fix it just yo get more money out of us... lmfao.. AT&T thinks I'm paying thst shit when they intentionally didn't tell us how to fix the problem entirely... can't wait to tell you greedy prices to shove the bill right up your tight [censored]es.. && my phone has been acting funny n won't download anything nor send any MMS.. lol. I'm not paying a dime after I dished out 400 last month.. promise! AT&T your rediculas!