Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Record Videos in Slow Motion

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has the possibility to record videos in slow motion. This function makes it possible to take rapid movements and reproduce them slowly in your video. This is possible by the rapid uptake of several video images, due to the processing power of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

We show you now in this article on how to record slow motion videos on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

For this purpose, open the the camera app on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and then tap on the icon with the gear. A bar opens, in which you now please tap on the icon with the three dots to display all options.

Tap here now on the icon with "Recording Mode" and continue to "Slow Motion". This will open a window in which you can now set the slow motion effect. Choices are:

     - x1/2 (slow motion effect is lowest)
     - x1/4 (slow motion medium)
     - x1/8 (slow motion effect is best)

We recommend you to choose x1 / 8, because with this setting you will have the best slow motion effect on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

You know now how to take slow motion videos on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Have fun recording movies with the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

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#5 Jogazalubru 2016-12-07 15:59
Slow motion playback is no where near as good as with an iphone
#4 Mike 2016-11-25 07:38
With the Marshmallow update on my note 4 you can choose mode, slow motion. Record your video then when you play it back you see the speed options. 1/2,1/4 and 1/8.
#3 Adam 2016-09-02 01:19
There is no "recording mode"
#2 Jeff 2015-05-24 15:41
I just got a new Note 4, but there is no Recording Mode icon after I tap the ... (more options).
Any suggestions? Thanks
#1 valerie 2015-05-12 00:28
It would be nice if there was volume in the slow and fast motion. It's notthat good when the volume doesn't work. If someone figures this out please let me know.