Samsung Galaxy S5 How to disable My Magazine - solution

If you you are on the home screen of your Samsung Galaxy S5 and there scrolling through the pages all the way to the left, then it may be that suddenly the app "My Magazine" opens. My Magazine is an app in which you can get information on various topics. This can be determined in advance. The app My Magazine on the home screen of the Samsung Galaxy S5 stops the rotate between the home screens. If you want to scroll to the last page of the Home Screen, you have to wipe to the far right and not once to the left . Therefore you would like to disable My magazine on the home screen of the Samsung Galaxy S5. How to do this, we want to tell you in our article:

Open the "Home Screen Settings" of your Samsung Galaxy S5 from the home screen. For that tap long on the left Soft-key when you are at the home screen. After the small menu appears tap on the Button with "Home Screen Settings". You can now disable "My Magazine" at the Home screen of the Samsung Galaxy S5 via a Checkbox . Unmark the hook in the in the checkbox.

You know now how to disable My Magazine on the home screen of the the Samsung Galaxy S5. Yo can now again switch between the homescreen pages forward and backward.

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#1 lindsay 2016-10-15 15:04
Your solution to turn off my magazine don't work it will still be running and in the apps mgr. You sre only allowed to force stop it. But when you turn your phone off and back on again it will be up and running! How do i shut down this bloatwear completely?