Samsung Galaxy S5 Reset Keyboard Dictionary - solution

If you write on your Samsung Galaxy S5 with the Samsung keyboard your messages like SMS, email or memo, then it can happen to you that a word is stored incorrectly. This is made possible by the intelligent text recognition of the Samsung Galaxy S5 keyboard.

This is annoying but can be changed to happiness. We show you now a tip on how you can delete the dictionary with your own personalized data on the Samsung Galaxy S5 so that this is re-created. Proceeds as follows:

Open from your Samsung Galaxy S5 the menu and then navigate to:

Settings --> Language and input --> gear icon next to Samsung keyboard --> Predictive text

You now find yourself in the settings for "Predictive Text". Scroll down a bit until you can find the entry "Clear Personal data". If you tap at this entry all collected personal data for learning your writing will be deleted automatically. This is the reset of the dictionary  and the Samsung keyboard .

You can now re-teach the Dictionary of the Samsung Galaxy S5 .

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#5 moxadrian 2016-12-29 18:46
If you long press on the word that you don't want to be stored it will show a dialog box to delete that one word. Simple as that
#4 Donovan 2016-09-07 18:25
My Galaxy Alpha says "Error while clearing your personal language data, Try again" What can be done about this? Problem is that every time I try to re-learn my phone new words and/or whenever I tap "Learn from contacts" the 'new' data is only stored for a few lines after I begin typing anew, and then the phone somehow 'forgets' any new words entered/learnt going back to it's basic factory version of English. Please can I get any suggestions on what to do/how to solve this issue... Thanks!
#3 talib Hussain 2016-07-22 18:47
#2 Cheryl 2016-05-05 20:29
Can you delete select words or do you have to delete them all? For some reason my voice texting has started spelling out "exclamation point" when I really mean "!". It never used to do this and it very irritating because I use voice textin a lot. Is this the same as the keyboard dictionary?
#1 Michelle 2015-10-29 22:56
How do u clear learned words from the s6?