Samsung Galaxy S5 Disable pedometer on lock screen

By default the pedometer of S Health is displayed on the lock screen of the Samsung Galaxy S5 . The step counter shows the user how many steps he already walked on a day. To use the pedometer a motion sensor is integrated in the smartphone. the sensor counts the steps without great energy consumption.

If you dont want the pedometer to be displayed on the lock screen of your samsung galaxy s5 you can disable it as follows:

To disable the pedometer on the lockscreen open: Menu --> Settings --> Lock Screen --> Additional Information
In this submenu of the Android operating system you can disable the pedometer on the loc screen by removing the tick at "pedometer". The step counter will now not be displayed on the lock screen of the Samsung Galaxy S5 anymore.

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#9 katykayay 2016-08-22 06:02
Having same problem as Matt. My step counter disappeared from lock screen. Want it back!
#8 Handelo 2016-08-05 10:04
It's also possible to disable the pedometer altogether by simply disabling the S Health app from the application settings menu. The app count your steps with a background service by default, even if you've never set it up before.
#7 Mary 2016-03-04 21:48
Mine doesn't even have an "additional information" now what? I have a note s5
#6 Abdul ghaffar 2015-10-02 01:33
Thanks it really work... I was worried about it but slovemix made that easy...
#5 telecaster 2015-09-26 08:05
Hi I have disabled pedometer in lock screen on my note 4 but I still have the shoe and a strange egg showing . Anyone any idea how to get rid of them
#4 denise 2015-04-22 02:02
thanks. It worked. I wanted the counter on the locked screen.
#3 Artie 2015-04-20 19:35
@Matt - just do the same same steps as above. If it's already activated, just deactivate and re-activate. Worked for me!
#2 Matt 2015-04-18 10:56
I just installed an update for S-Health and the pace counter has gone from my lock screen. Dies anyone know how to restore it please?
#1 Marianne Oliveira 2015-04-17 14:36
Thank you very much! :D