Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Enable developers options

The developer options that support functions such as the USB debugging mode, are not enabled by default on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 within Android. So the developer options must first be unlocked in the Android settings. In our article,  we now want to show you how you can unlock and use the developer options on the new Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

For this purpose, we start from the home screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and navigate from there to Menu -> Settings -> Device Information

Scroll in this sub-menu of Android a bit down until you can see the entry "build number". In this entry you must now quickly tap several times in succession. After a few times a Counter is displayed that tells you how often you still have to tap, so that the developer mode will be activated on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

Do you have typed often enough to "build number", a message box appears with "Developer options enabled". This now means that the developer options are now available on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. You can find this new option under Settings -> Section "System".

Various functions can be enabled or disabled in the Developer options, such as the USB debugging. You know now how to activate the developer mode on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 within Android.

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#6 octhed 2016-10-23 02:50
Your menu navigation doesn't work on my ATT phone with Marshmallow. The correct way to get to "build number" is through Settings, General, About Device, then you can see Build Number.
#5 Arthur 2016-07-13 16:30
#4 Renear 2016-06-26 10:15
Thanks for sharing. It fixed the problem I was having.
#3 FoxyLady53 2016-06-23 16:52
My device does not navigate from there to Menu -> Settings -> Device Information
how can i set the developer options
#2 Jimmy D 2015-10-02 14:45
Thanks guys. That's such a typical bot things to say, "Brian".
#1 Brian B 2015-04-16 21:11
The menu options are actually

Menu -> Settings -> About Phone

Note: The Capcha is impossible to decipher. I'm on attempt 6 and still haven't entered it correctly.