Samsung Galaxy S5 How to open the secret test menu

The Samsung Galaxy S5 has a secret service menu, in which the hardware components can be tested for functionality. Here are tests for example the Compass, display, sensors like barometer, gyroscope, heart rate monitors and more. To open the secret test menu on the Samsung Galaxy S5, proceed as follows:

Open the Phone app on your Samsung Galaxy S5 and change within this to the keypad. You must now enter the following code using the keypad: *#0*#

After you have entered the last # on the keypad, the secret service menu will be opened on the Samsung Galaxy S5 automatically.

We encourage anyone who has bought the new Samsung Galaxy S5 to perform all the tests that are offered on the menu once. You can check with them if your Samsung Galaxy S5 is in the perfect technical condition.

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Comments (7)

  1. jean

my S5 will not open to the test menu when entering *#0*3. Nothing happens. What next??

  1. jbote

yeeeey! my samsung galaxy s5 is in perfect technical condition. amazing!

  1. Amber

I can't get the menu to open up on my s5 the middle of my screen hasn't worked since I got the phone brand new a year ago

  1. À.M. Hoogland

Does my Galaxy S5 has a gyroscope for VR purpose? Of not, what is the possibility to get iit on mt phone?<br />Ths for your answer.

  1. Val

How do you get this to work on a VERIZON S5 ? . Seems to be disabled

  1. Mike

Does not work on Verizon Galaxy S5. Just dials Verizon who answers and says the number cant be dialed.

  1. Patti

My secret text thing doesn't pop up after I put in the last #. Why?

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