Samsung Galaxy S5 GPS positioning takes a long time - Tip

If you notice on your Samsung Galaxy S5 that the first GPS fix takes a long time, then the reason could be that the AGPS data is outdated. If that's the case, then it may be necessary to update the A-GPS data with your Samsung Galaxy S5.

A-GPS stands for Assisted GPS and is a way to more accurate and faster positioning by GPS satellites on the smartphone.

The GPS system of the Samsung Galaxy S5 uses with activated AGPS the mobile network and thus the location of the cell towers for determining the position. With that option the Samsung Galaxy S5 can receive faster and more accurate location data. Usually enormous time is saved, because without A-GPS the locating of the position takes up to five minutes. With A-GPS, the determination may be already done after 15 seconds.

However, it may be that as we wrote at the beginning of the article, that the  A-GPS data needs an update on the Samsung Galaxy S5. This is usually the case when the Samsung Galaxy S5 takes very long time for locating the own positionTherefore, we now show you a tip on how the A-GPS data can be upgraded on the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Unfortunately, Android has no integrated function for this, therefore you need to download the following free app from the Google Play Store:
Download GPS Test from the Google Play Store.

Do you have the app installed, please open it. Turn now, if not already done, the GPS of your Samsung Galaxy S5 to "On". Then open with the three-point symbol at the top right the menu within the GPS Test app. Select in the pop-down menu these options:

Clear A-GPS
Update AGPS 

You have now reset the A-GPS data successfully on the Samsung Galaxy S5 and then reloaded the new data . Your phone should now locate you via GPS fast and as known before.

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Comments (8)

  1. Andoc

It's telling me same as Robert. "request sent" but no apparent fix. In the top left GPS Status box it says "No Fix" .... Doesn't appear to have worked?? Also have GPS status and toolbox running and that can't get a fix either? help!

  1. poland

thx it works perfectly. my phone is fixed. well done!

  1. Auri


  1. Robert

When selecting clear and update AGPS, it's telling me request sent. Is this normal please?

  1. Antonio

It worked!

  1. Charles

Yes it works :-)

  1. Charles works...thank u so much :-)

  1. Wendy

yea! this worked! :-)

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