Conditional call Forwarding Active – How to Disable

If you make a call with your smartphone, the following message may appear on the display: "Conditional call forwarding active".

You will now be wondering what this message means and maybe how to disable it. We would like to explain to you what it has to do with the "conditional forwarding".

Conditional forwarding means that calls which are received during the currently started call are automatically sent to the forwarding number like a mailbox.

Call forwarding is activated by your mobile phone provider, such as Sprint, Verizon, At&T etc.

In order to deactivate the conditional forwarding, the call diversion must be switched off. There are various methods. One of them is via network code. First, you should be aware, however, if you want to disable it at all. Because then also no mailbox is activated, if a call is not accepted by you.

How to disable Conditional Forwarding on all smartphones:

Open the phone app on your smartphone, and then tap the keypad. Enter the following code to deactivate all call diversions:

  • ## 002 #

Confirm the code by pressing the green handset (make a call.

All call forwarding are now switched off by your mobile phone provider. From now on, you will not receive a message with "Conditional call forwarding active" when making a call.

You have successfully disabled this!

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Comments (4)

  1. Zahidul Islam

'Vibrate when answer'
How can i set this features in my Samsung J7 android ver-8.1?

  1. Zaid Hashmi

Hi when i can call from my one number to another i got a msg condional call forwarding active how i will deactive from where i make a call or where i got a miss call message

  1. Uchenna

I have tried the code, it worked!

  Comment was last edited about 6 months ago by Super User Super User
  1. Linda

Just tried this way to deactivate conditional call forwarding and it worked straight away yaay ? No more annoying message when I make a call
Thank you

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