Samsung Galaxy S6 Don´t show own number in outgoing calls

If you start with the Samsung Galaxy S6 a phone call, then maybe you do not want that your conversation partner can see the phone number you are calling with. If that's the case, then you should hide your phone number so that it is not sent and displayed to the call recipient on the display. How you can hide your own telephone number on the Samsung Galaxy S6 during a call, we would now like to explain in more detail in this article to you:

To do this open from the Home screen of the Samsung Galaxy S6 the menu and then the settings. Scroll down to "Applications" and tap on the entry. Select here "Phone". From this submenu, continue on the "More Settings". The settings will now be loaded from your mobile carrier. After this operation tap "Show my caller ID".

You can select between the following options:

Network deafult
Hide number
Show number

Set the flag now at "hide number" in order to hide you phone numer on all outgoing calls. Now "unknown number" or "Private" will appear on the display of your contact if you call him.

You now know how to hide your own phone number on the Samsung Galaxy S6 so that it will not appear at the screen of your contact.

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Comments (9)

  1. No

under "more settings" my options (galaxy s6) are:
TTY mode
Hearing aids on/off
Current country
assisted dialing
and Auto Retry on/off

Not even close, and no option to block my number

  1. Lisa

This is completely wrong

  1. usman

It's not working on my phone Samsung galaxy a 7

  1. Thabi

Im using a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and I have tried the above method and #31# and the call im making wont go through. Please help.

  1. Anna

You can also do #31# then the number your dialing.

  1. vonni

when i do the above and call my daughter or friend my number still appears on their phone

  1. Smoothsusie

I found this worked great thank you :-)

  1. Bell

I think this depends on your mobile carrier. On my S6 it works fine with the above mentioned method. :-|

  1. Ksizzle

This isn't on the S6 only the S5, have you figured out how to do it on the S6 yet

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