Samsung Galaxy S6 lock screen unlocked despite securing by pin or pattern? Solution!

The following phenomenon may occur on your Samsung Galaxy S6:
Despite the fact that you have set a security method such as pin, pattern or fingerprint the lock screen is unlocked. The lock screen can be easily unlock by wiping. If this is the case for your Samsung Galaxy S6, then it depends to the "Smart Lock" Feature in Android.

Smart Lock unlocks the lock screen automatically when you wear the Samsung Galaxy S6 in your hand, you are in a trusted location or you are connected via Bluetooth to a known device.

We show now how to check for the Samsung Galaxy S6 whether Smart Lock is activated or not. Navigate within Android in the following submenu:

To do this, open from the home screen, the following submenu:

Menu --> Settings --> Lock screen and security --> Secure lock settings

Now scroll all the way down to "Smart Lock" and tap on the entry. Check if you have one of the following three options on your Samsung Galaxy S6 activated now.

  • Trusted Locations
  • Trusted Devices
  • On-body detection

If so, disable the Smart Lock option for your Samsung Galaxy S6 so that it is always locked in stand-by.Now you know why the lock screen of the Samsung Galaxy S 6 is not secured by pin, pattern or fingerprint under certain circumstances.

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Comments (21)

  1. Anand

Thanks,it is helpful

  1. Jay

WOW thanx worked

  1. tha one

awesome....thanx a lot buddy,we tend to activate things then forget.

  1. Richelle

I tried everything here and ended up just downloading a lock screen app. That worked great.

  1. Nathaniel

I have no idea what to do I followed the directions and the smart lock feature isn't set up there is no trusted devise or on body detection or trusted location but still my lock won't work

  1. greyman

Thanks Mama lee, this worked for me.<br />I had the same problem on S7. Screen would not lock with PIN. Turned out to be Google Smart Lock that prohibited the screen from locking. This happen right after an android update.

  1. blits

My phone is s6 plus...if use my fingerprints lock the screen show enter your pin then after enter my pin screen show setting stop..i can use my lock screen

  1. Mama lee

This didn't work so I had to use a different alternative.. go go settings>lock screen and security > other security settings>trust agents than turn smartlock off

  1. jaime r    Mama lee

This worked for me. I didnt even realize that an update had killed my lock screnn till my kid said she could get in without passcode. Glad my phone didnt get stolen.

  1. Bazz

Thank you so much this was driving me crazy :lol:

  1. Sh

Thanks, this was helpfull

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