Samsung Galaxy S6 Automatic date and time synchronization

If you notice that your Samsung Galaxy S6 does not automatically synchronize the date or the time format you can change this quickly within the Android system. There is the special settings for that function. This is: "Automatic Date and Time"

If this option is enabled, time and date is used provided by the cellular network. By continuously synchronizing the time on your Samsung Galaxy S6 it should always be exactly. And here you can activate the automatic time on your Samsung Galaxy S6:

Open from the home screen the menu and then the settings. Scroll down until you can see the entry "Date & Time". You can now activate the option "Automatic Date and Time" by placing a tick in the check box on your Samsung Galaxy S6. Finished!

The time on your Samsung Galaxy S6 should now be correctly retrieved and displayed on the cell network. You now know how to enable automatic synchronization of the time and date on your Samsung Galaxy S6.

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Comments (7)

  1. Rosaleen

my galaxy s6 will not up date to daylight savings time, the auto settings are on and the time zone is correct..

  1. New to Android

I know this is a year old, but I have a Galaxy s8 and experienced this issue as a result of traveling across country. Thanks very much for your help. This solved my problem!

  1. Taylor

I want to update my s6 because the note 5 got a new update with new emojis like the iphones. How do I update mine so I can get the same emojis. It's not ready to update but is there a way I can update it when its time to update???

  1. Trudi

Changing my theme solved the problem... weird!

  1. Trudi

It won't update daylight savings. It still says 7:57am when it should say 8:57am. NOT COOL! I did all of that stuff already and it didn't work!

  1. hds    Trudi

Even though i too had the auto settings on to change time (daylight savings) i still had to make sure my zone was set correctly......once it was it updated time

  1. david smith

Why does my galaxy s6 active keep reverting back to standard when I set it to automatic time and date?

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