Samsung Galaxy S6 How to switch in GSM mode – Solved

Mobile operators offer various mobile networks over which users can use the smartphone forcalling, text messaging and browsing the Internet. These networks are:

  • GSM
  • LTE

The GSM network is the oldest network and has therefore a very well developed network coverage. UMTS and LTE are not quite as good, but a high data stream can be charged through it, whichis very important for the mobile internet. But it may sometimes be necessary to turn your Samsung Galaxy S6 into the GSM mode, so you can make calls in an area without a good UMTS or LTE network coverage.

When you turn your Samsung Galaxy S6 into the so-called GSM mode, this has different effects for you. These are:

  • Overall voice quality increases (GSM is the best-developed network standard)
  • Internet speed is very slow, low data transmission over the GSM network

The GSM mode is useful for those who have only a poor connection quality in the networks WCDMA and LTE in which the voice quality for calls is poor.

We tell you now how to change to GSM mode on the Samsung Galaxy S6. This works on Android as follows:

Open from the home screen, the following submenu on the Samsung Galaxy S6:

Menu -> Settings -> Mobile Networks -> Network mode

It will now open a submenu where have you following menu items to choose from:

  • LTE /WCDMA/ GSM(auto-connect)
  • WCDMA/ GSM(auto-connect)
  • WCDMA only
  • GSM only

Here one must now select the option "GSM only". That's it. Your Samsung Galaxy S6 will register only in the GSM network immediately and you have from now on the above-mentioned advantages and disadvantages.

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Comments (5)

  1. Farisi

My S6 is on using GSM m in Eastern cape area

  1. David Provan

This is out of date. My S6 shows a different menu for Network Mode.

  1. ghazali

am using samsung galaxy s6 but my phone does'nt have Gsm only.

  1. Yolo

2G = GSM

  1. Hotdog

The above mentioned information isn't correct, the only option are 2g- 2g/3g or 4g.

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