Samsung Galaxy S6 How to activate Screen Mirroring – Solved

Screen Mirroring means you can transfer the screen content from your smartphone to a supportive TV device. If you are searching for screen mirroring on the Samsung Galaxy S6, then you will probably not find this right away. That is why now we want to briefly explain to you where the function of the screen mirroring can be found on the new Samsung Galaxy S6.

For that, pleasedraw the status bar of your Samsung Galaxy S6 in the middle of the display. Tap now on the top right on "Edit". You can now see all available Quick Start buttons. One of them is "Screen Mirroring", located in the non-visible area. Would you like that the screen mirroring is always visible in the status bar of your Samsung Galaxy S6, then press and hold your finger on the screen mirroring button until this hovers.

Move this now in the area of the active Quickstart Settings. Then tap at the top right on “Done”.

You can start at any time from now on the screen mirroring on your Samsung Galaxy S6 via the button on the status bar.


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Comments (15)

  1. Helga

I have the Smart view icon, but doesn't work, keeps saying no available device's found? Does the TV have to be connected to the internet?

  1. Big a

Can you use your mobile hotspot to mirror

  1. Wendy

I've been having that problem ever since that stupid update smart view sucks it only work after a lot of tries now it use to work right away this s6 been nothing but trouble since I got it

  1. Fred Nurk

The icon is now named Smart View.

  1. Adam Eran

Doesn't work since O/S upgrade. Doesn't work with the Screen Mirroring patch, either (Galaxy s6, and a Samsung J-series smart DVD player)

  1. Ray

Had a lot of problems figuring it out the best way to mirror my Galaxy S6. This was helpful, I had to combine a lot of resources and this guide was also helpful.

  1. Edwin

My Samsung Galaxy s6 doesn't show me screen mirroring even in the hidden erea

  1. Van

Thanks you were more helpful than samsung

  1. Jay

Smart View is not the same as Screen Mirroring! With Smart View you have to select content to stream to you TV. Screen Mirroring you can display mirror the display of you phone on your TV. I want Screen Mirroring back as its way more versatile!

  1. Shabbon

The mirror icon is now called smart view

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