Samsung Galaxy S6 gets hot –Solution

The Samsung Galaxy S6 can be very hot in the area next to the camera while using apps, or during a call. The cause of the heat development is the processor, which is located near the camera on the back of the smartphone and emits heat when in use.

The processor of smart phones can run hot for different reasons.

  • Exposure to an app such as games, browser, Youtube etc.
  • Exposure to an Android System App
  • defective battery

We want to show you a tip, with which the heat problem of the Samsung Galaxy S6 can be solved, if the cause is a faulty app.

The error with the heat may occur after a firmware update, for example.

Such errors will be rectified by a Wipe Cache partition.

We want to explain to you how this works:

Switches off your Samsung Galaxy S6 by long pressing on the Power On / Off button. Now you have to pressand hold the key combination:

  • Power On / Off
  • Volume up
  • Home button

When the Samsung Galaxy S6 vibrates once, let the power on/ off button go, but keep the other two keys from the key combination pressed until a menu appears on the display.

Now mark the entry "Wipe Cache partition" with the volume down key. With the Power On/ Off button, the process will start. This usually takes only a few seconds. Then the previously displayed menu reappears.

Now selects the first entry with "Reboot system now" and executes the command again with pressing the power button.

You have now successfully completed a Wipe Cache Partition. This should now be the solution or at least the improvement for the heat your smartphone produces.

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Comments (21)

  1. Shedog

Tried it, is still hot but not as hot...wonder if there is anything else I can do...

  1. Danni K

before I do it. will it erase apps, video, photos, contacts?

  1. Marc    Danni K

No it will not! But be very careful in the same menu you will also find "Wipe cache/ factory reset". -- This is the wrong option and this will delete all your data. So be careful which option you use ;-)

  Comment was last edited about 4 months ago by Super User Super User
  1. Frank

What if the heat doesn't go away? What could be the problem?

  1. Gabovis

Mine work. Thanks.

  1. Bryce Sabin

Won't do anything but a) turn up volume or b) tell me to tun on google assistant.

  1. Rita    Bryce Sabin

u have to turn off ur phone first then hold those three buttons at the same time

  1. Teta Telrah

It didn't work,,what cn I do now???plz help me

  1. Sally

Didnt change the heat issue at all. This is my second galaxy 6 with issues. I think it's junk.

  1. George

At least it didn't erase my data or programs. Didn't notice any difference in temperature though.

  1. Adrienne O.

Thanks for the help it Worked !! None of my personal data was erased either !!!

  1. hope

Tried it on my s6 and didn't help at all. Had the phone 3 weeks and it's junk. I will never buy another Samsung again

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