Samsung Galaxy S6 How to use spell checker – Tips

Who writes much with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and sent emails to friends, acquaintances and clients has produced surely one or two spelling errors. This is not surprising, since the keyboard is sometimes a bit "hairy" to operate. Therefore on the Samsung Galaxy S6 an automatic spell checker is now available. If the spell checker is activated, wrong words will be automatically underlined red. If you tap a highlighted word on red, then the spell checking proposes words that could have meant.

Automatic spell checking is new to the Samsung Galaxy S6 and a very useful feature. If you want to take advantage of this, then we'll show you now how to activate the spell checker:
Open on the Samsung Galaxy S6 the main menu and then the Android system settings. Tap here now on "Language & input". So you see the entry "Samsung keyboard". Tap on this entry and you can then change settings for the keyboard. Now choose "Auto Check Spelling" and then activate this option by the regulator.
If you now write words wrong, then these misspellings are underlined in red and corrections are suggested.

We hope that this useful function will help you in everyday life, if you write text with your Samsung Galaxy S6. But please do not trust 100% on the spelling correction. Not all misspelled words are detected reliably.

You have now learned where you can activate on the Samsung Galaxy S6 the automatic spell checker.

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Comments (10)

  1. Cornelia

Since last software update my phone does not want to check Afrikaans spelling.!!! ??
I did turn it on, still not working.

How can this be fixed? Please help!!

  1. Nancy Leaven

Samsung S7 - the spell check for gmail no longer works after last update. Any new suggestions?

  1. Bruce

This info was very helpful. Thanks

  1. Dawn

Does anyone know the solution???

  1. Krista

Everything worked fine before the last update. Now it's working only on 1 of 3 languages. Guess it's some kind of feil in the new update

  1. Nigel

I have switched it on but it still does not work.

  1. charlie

did not see a solution to: s7 spell check does not work, when spell check is turned on. I have the exact problem. does not work in samsung email but works fine on gmail and texting.

  1. markus

I have a problem with s7, my auto spelling is on, but it doesnt not working, it underlines red, when i select the word for correct words its just highlights red instead of showing words.

  1. Chris

This doesn't work with any of the email apps that I have tried. It works on FB and Text Msgs and Whatsapp, but not gmail or my work email...even when the setting is set to on.

  1. dano

This was extremely helpful. I was going to call sprint for help but this advice was just what i needed. Some how my spell check gt tuned to the off position. Shes on now..... thanks

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