Samsung Galaxy S6 Add favorite contacts in phone app

In the Phone app on the Samsung Galaxy S6 it is possible to place contacts as favorites. So you can easily call them and do not have to look far within the contacts app.
We want to show you briefly how you can set a contact as a favorite in the Phone appon the Samsung Galaxy S 6.

To do this, open on the Samsung Galaxy S6 the phone app. Change here on the "Favorites" tab. If you have not set a favorite, then a list of the most frequently contacted people appears.

In order to add a favorite, tap "Add“ atthe bar at the top. Now select a contact, and complete the process with "Finish". The just selected contact is now displayed in the phone app under the tab "Favorites".

So you can call this contact quick because it is immediately visible in the phone app.

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Comments (5)

  1. Ram

Found the solution. A contact needs to be saved in Google account for it to be added as favorite. So if you have saved a contact on sim card or phone, create a new one and save it on Google account and then you can add ir

  1. Sharma becker

Same problem. Had them, then got phone replaced and now can't add favorites

  1. Kasim

I have the same problem as Roland, any fix?

  1. Roland

This no longer works. I have nothing in my favorites list and it isn't showing my most frequently contacted. This feature seemed to disappear with Android 6.

  1. Stephanie

How do I add favorite contacts to the text message screen? My S5 had it but S6 doesn't seem to.

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