Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Calibrate Compass - Solved!

If you want to use the compass function of your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and that this indicates the correct direction, then you should check whether the calibration is correct. Calibration is necessary when the compass of the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 indicates a demonstrably wrong direction. In this guide, we would like to show you clearly how to calibrate the compass sensor on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

For this open the phone app on your smartphone and switch within this to "Keypad". Now type the following code to open the secret service menu on your Samsung Galaxy Note 4, which provides tests for hardware components:

The code is: *#0*#

When you entered the code on the keypad, you can now see different tiles in front of a white background. One of these tiles is called "sensor". Tap on this tile to enter the sub-menu of the service menu. Scroll down a bit until you can see "Magnetic Sensor". The circle with the slash represents the compass. The bar should always points north. The following numbers can be seen in the black circle:

     0 - Compass needs to be calibrated
     3 - Compass is calibrated

If you can see a zero, you have to recalibrate the compass on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. For Calibration, rotate the smartphone once to all of its axes. Subsequently, the compass should jump to "3" and is now calibrated. If not, repeat the process. Alternatively, you can also swing the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 in the form of an 8.

You know now how to calibrate the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 compass function, so that this again indicates the correct direction.

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Comments (10)

  1. Laurence Martin

Hi, I've tried that several times. So what might have been a software problem is actually a hardware one?

  1. Ron

I have Verizon and putting the code just gets a not a valid phone number. Where to go no

  1. Brian


  1. HELP

How do I get out of this "menu" thingy? No button works. Told me how to get to the menu, please tell me how to get out. Thank you.

  1. William HUGHES

It worked - Excellent thank you!

  1. CE Jones

My compass suddenly stopped working. I thought, maybe, it was the new battery. I removed my batter, restarted my phone and my compass started working.

  1. Ps

I can't find keypad it is just my regular key pad in the phone but typing your code does nothing it just thinks it's a phone number please explain?

  1. Chris

I thought it worked, but 10 minutes later it was red 0 again... Tried it again, it worked for 5 minutes, turned red again... etc. etc. etc. what could be wrong?

  1. Richard

Thank you so much!!!, very helpful

  1. Marius

Thank you very much! Indeed it was 0 so I turned it around like an 8 and it worked, now it is on 3. God bless you!

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