Samsung Galaxy S6 cannot be charged – solution

The Samsung Galaxy S6 needs usually recharging every two days. To do this connect the smartphone with the micro USB connector and the AC charger. Now it can happen, however, that the Samsung Galaxy S6 is not charged, even though the smartphone is connected to the charger and the wall socket.

This is of course very annoying, because you may no longer use the phone. So you have to consider what the cause is. We have listed you here various tips, which you can try, if the Samsung Galaxy S6 cannot to be recharged via the charging cable:

1. Check the Micro USB charging socket on the Samsung Galaxy S6 for pollution

If you carry your smartphone constantly in your pocket with you, it may be that the micro USB charging port of the Samsung Galaxy S6 is dirty and the plug of the charging cable cannot get a electric contact. Check to see if this applies to your Samsung Galaxy S6. If so, remove the dust carefully with a toothpick from the Micro USB connection. Compressed air may also help here.

2. Check the charger and USB cable

Checks on top with another USB cable and charger, whether the Samsung Galaxy S6 can be charged. Sometimes it may be that the battery charger or the USB cable have a defect and the Samsung Galaxy S6 therefore cannot be loaded.

3. Bent electric Pin within the Micro USB port

It may happen that the contact in the Micro USB port on the Samsung Galaxy S6 is bent and therefore a contact for charging does not come to pass. This can happen if you plug in the charger cable in the wrong direction and so the contact bends. Here a professional repair station helps you to "bending back" the pin on the electric board. If you want to do it by yourself you must be very careful, because the connections are very sensitive! Do it on your own risk! The warranty may be lost.

4. If nothing works, only the loading via wireless charger remains

If nothing has helped, then use the Samsung Galaxy S6 guarantee or charge the smartphone via wireless QI charger. Such a charger is available for narrow money directly from Samsung for the Samsung Galaxy S6

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