Add Huawei P10 Accu Weather to Homescreen

The weather app Accu Weather is a popular weather app that many of you may still know from a Samsung Galaxy smartphone. If you would like to use the Accu Weather App now on the home screen of the Huawei P10, then you have to do the following:

  1. Install Accu Weather App

To download the application open the Google Play Store onto your smartphone:

After the Weather app is installed on your Huawei P10, you can easily add the weather widget on the home screen. This is available in a small and a large version.

  1. Add Weather Widget on the Huawei P10 Start Screen

To do so, please go back to the home screen and then press and hold your finger for a long time. A menu opens in which "Widgets" can now be selected. In the list of widgets, look for the app "Accu Weather".

Tap and hold the widget (small or large variant) until you can place it on the Huawei P10 home screen. Do not release the widget until the widget is in the desired location. Finished!

You have now successfully added the Accu Weather Widget on the home screen in two steps.


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