Amazon Echo Dot Installation cannot be performed

If you set up the Amazon Echo Dot by using your smartphone, the app may stop responding and stop the setup process at the end of the setup. Here you should not despair. This is due to the Alexa app, which really does not work very well.

Therefore we would like to give you the following tip if you have problems with the registration of your Amazon Echo Dot in the W-Lan home network.

Do not use the Amazon Alexa app on the smartphone but your PC or your laptop.

Amazon Echo Dot with the PC set up

  1. Open an Internet browser and the following address:
  1. Select "Settings" and then "Set up a new device"
  2. After you have selected the menu item, an assistant will be started, which will lead you through the setup process from now on. This is almost identical to that of the Alexa app, with the difference that the setup can be completed without problems.

You should then be able to use your Amazon Echo Dot. Have fun with it!


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