Amazon Echo Dot update Firmware manually

The Amazon Echo Dot receives new firmware updates from time to time. This is how Amazon can fix technical software errors and import new functions. Normally a new firmware update is automatically downloaded and then installed.

If you have not yet received a new update, then you will ask yourself: Can I manually install a firmware update on the Amazon Echo Dot?

Unfortunately, this option is not currently available because the update is controlled exclusively by the Amazon Echo Dot software. If you have not yet received a new firmware update, you can try the following to get it:

Amazon Echo Dot Firmware Update Initialization speed up:

  1. Restart your Amazon Echo Dot - This will reinitialize the system - Checked for updates
  2. Switch off the Amazon echo dot completely - Pull the power cable for approx. 20 seconds - Restart

Unfortunately, you cannot do more. But it is known that Amazon does not roll out new firmware updates to all users at the same time. This means that other users already have a firmware update on the Amazon Echo Dot, but you will not get it for download or installation. Here the only solution is to be patient.

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