Android Google Chrome Browser - Open Secret Menu

If you are using on your Android phone the Google Chrome browser, then you may also want to know that this has integrated a hidden menu that includes future features. This secret menu contains options that are still under development and may also cause still crashes or malfunctions when activated. Google calls these options experiments and the use is of course at your own risk. One of these options is called "Reader Mode" with which websites can be viewed more easily using the Chrome browser.

We tell you now how to get into the secret menu within the Google Chrome browser app on an Android smartphone.

Open the Chrome browser on your Android smartphone. Enter the following code on the address line:


Then tap on "Open" and it will display the secret menu options. Here you can now enable or disable options. Important! All options listed here are in Beta stage of the Chrome browser and promise no 100% functional. Do you have any feature enabled, you have to close the browser and then restart it to take effect.

You know now how to access the secret menu with additional options in the Google Chrome browser on an Android smartphone. Have fun testing.


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