Android - How do I turn off app notifications permanently?

If you get alerts through an app in the status bar on your Android phone and this bothers you, then we want to show you a tip on how you can permanently disable notifications for certain apps and Android applications.

Simply open from the Home Screen of the Android smartphone the menu and then tap on Settings. Then navigate to "Application Manager" and within this on the tab "All". You can now search for the app in which you want to permanently disable notifications.

Did you find this, simply tap on it. The app information is now displayed.

You can now find an option called "Show Notifications" under the button"force stop". This is set to "active" ex factory. To permanently disable notifications for this app, you can remove the tick in the checkbox. Ready!

From now on you will get through this app no notifications on your Android statusbar. Follow the steps for all the apps on your Android phone from which you want to stop receiving notifications in the future.


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