Android How to find hidden files and folders - Solved

There is the option in Android  to hide folders and the files in it. To do this, simply create a so-called "Nomedia" file in the appropriate directory. So far so good, but what if you now want to see a hidden folder or the files in it again? It is not possible with Android Apps to refind hidden folders or files. Luckily there are file explorer apps from third-party-developers that have more features and options than the "My Files" App from Android.

We now explain how to find hidden files on an Android smartphone.

First download the free File Explorer "Es File Explorer" on the Google Play Store.

This File Explorer makes all folders and files visible. Also folder with "Nomedia files". After downloading the ES Explorer open it on your Android smartphone. If you know the path of the folder, then you can open it now as usual. Should you not know where the folder is saved, then you can also use the search function at the bottom of the screen.

You now know a very convenient solution to find hidden files and folders on an Android smartphones.

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