Android - How to view and delete NOMEDIA Files

If you have hidden on your Android phone a folder with pictures or videos from the gallery or the video player, then you might want this display it again after some time. You must delete the Nomedia file in the appropriate folder. Easier said than done! The Nomedia file is a hidden file and not visible to most of the available file explorers.

Unfortunately, these cannot be displayed and deleted by using the File Explorer "My Documents" of Android. That's why you have to get the following file Explorer from the Google Play Store which is free to download: "ES File Explorer"

This File Explorer makes it possible to view and to delete Nomedia files on an Android smartphone. Proceed as follows:

Once you've downloaded the app, open the ES File Explorer on your Android smartphone. Draw the sidebar from the left side in the middle of the display. Scrolls in this menu all the way down and then activate "Show Hidden Files" to "ON". Finished! You see now all your created nomedia files in the appropriate folders and you can delete them easily. Your pictures will be shown again on the Android smartphone in the gallery as well as  in the video player app.

You now know how to view and delete a Nomedia file within Android.


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