Android L is the next version after Android KitKat

Today Google presented at the press conference "Keynote I / O 2014" the next version of the Android operating system. The next version begins with the letter "L" as it was expected. Google is following his philosophy of giving a new version the next letter of the alphabet. Logically, that after K for "KitKat" the letter "L" must be followed.

At the Google I / O 2014 the new version is actualy simply called  Android L. The full name of the new version will be revealed in autumn.

Nevertheless, this Android L version includes many changes that are waiting for the Android user. The following changes will be waiting for the user in the new Android L:   

  • Improved safety
  • Runtime ART     
  • Improved battery management     
  • New design, with the name "Material Design" which is a uniform interface for all platforms    
  • New Android logo     
  • New keyboard with new design    
  • Revised Phone App

In the in the so-called Android L version, there will be a lot of new features and revised designs, which shall improve user experience.


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