Android Lollipop Disable cell broadcast messages – solution

In this article we show you how disable so-called Cell broadcast messages (CB message” in Android Lollipop. Cell broadcast messages are SMS messages that are sent to you by your mobile operator. If you login with your smartphone in the next network-cell (automatic) and if it is provided with CB messages, you will receive such a CB message on your smartphone. CB messages usually contain advertisements or information from your mobile service provider. The Cell broadcast messages can be disabled in Android Lollipop as follows:

Open the Android messaging app and tap in the overview at the top-right symbol with the three points. A menu will pop up, where now "Settings" must be selected.

You are now entering the next submenu. Scroll down a bit until you can see messages, select “CB”. Tap on this entry to make more options visible. Here you'll find at the top-right a controller. Push it from "On" to "Off" to turn off CB messages in Android Lollipop.

Finished! You know now how to turn off CB messages on Android Lollipop.


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