Android Lollipop Enable master sync – Solution

If you notice after updating to Android lollipop that you will not receive any e-mails, WhatsApp messages, Shazam informations etc., then the reason is usually a false synchronization setting. Usually the so called Master Synchronization in Android Lollipop has been disabled. This may have been either disabled through you by accident, or by the firmware update itself.

The Master Synchronization in Android Lollipop can very easily be reactivated again, so that all accounts receive the synchronization again. Proceed as follows:

Pull with two fingers the status bar from the top into the the screen, so you see all the quick selection fields of the Android Lollipop system. One of them is called: "SYNC"
This is the master synchronization in Android lollipop. Tap on the button so that it is marked as green and thus becomes active.

All accounts are then synchronized in Android Lollipop again and thus emails, WhatsApp news, Shazam alerts, etc. are received. You now know where the master synchronization can be activated in Android lollipop.

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