Android Lollipop Google Play store will not open – solution

If you have updated your smartphone on the new Android Lollipop system, various errors and problems can occur. One of them may be, for example, that you can no longer open on your Android lollipop smartphone the Google Play Store. This closes automatically after opening it and an error message appears on the display. If you have this error after updating on Android lollipop, then this solution maybe will help:

Open the app menu from the home screen of the Android smartphone lollipop and then change to the settings of Android. In this select the "Application Manager". If the application manager is open, go to the tab "All" and look for the "Google Play Store". Have you found the entry, tap on it to open the app information of this system application.
Now proceed in the following order to reset the Google Play Store or to eliminate the problems and errors therein. Tap in the following order on the buttons in the app-info:

1. Stop Force
2. Clear data
3. Clear cache
4. Uninstall Updates

Do you have all the buttons in the app information of Google Play stores tapped by the above Order restart the Android Lollipop smartphone. To do this, press and hold the power on / off button. Select "Reset", and then the device will turn off and start again.

If you now tap the Google Play Store this should open normally and without problems. The updates to the Google Play Store will be installed automatically as soon as a connection to the Internet comes to pass. The error that occurred with the Google Play Store should not appear anymore.

Have fun with lollipop 5.0 on your Android Smartphone!

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