Android Lollipop How to activate Smart Lock? Solved!

In Android Lollipop there is the new "Smart Lock" feature. If you have secured the lock screen of your Android Lollipop smartphone by Pin, password or any other method, then you do not need to unlock your phone with activated Smart Lock function in predetermined areas. One area is for example your home, the home of an acquaintance or friend. With activated Smart Lock in Android Lollipop you no longer need to unlock your smartphone with a security method, beacuse it is already unlocked then you are in one of the predefined areas. We show you now, how to activate Smart Lock at your Android Lollipop Smartphone.

Open on your Android Lollipop  smartphone from home screen the menu and then the settings. From here, please navigate to:

Settings --> Security

The menu item "Smart Lock" will appear in this submenu, if your mobile phone is secured via a security method such as pin, password or pattern. Tap now the menu item "Smart Lock" on your phone.

You now see three ways to specify a trusted place in which no security method must be entered. These are:

    - Trusted Devices
    - Trusted Places
    - Trusted Faces

Tap there an entry to set up Smart Lock on your Android smartphone lollipop. The probably most trustworthy place will be one's own home. That is why we show you here as an example, how to set this place as a trusted place.

Open the menu item "Trusted Places". You can now define your "home". This can happen based on Google Maps, which is very convenient. After defining your first safe resort, this is shown as Smart-Lock area. Note that on your Android Lollipop  smartphone "Location" must be enabled for this feature. Within 100 meters to these trusted place we now have to enter no pin, password or a pattern to unlock the Android Lollipop smartphone.

You know now how to configure and use smart lock on an Android lollipop smartphone. Have fun with it!

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