Android Lollipop - Import Sim Card Contacts

If you have upgraded your smartphone to the new Android lollipop firmware, then you should also perform a factory reset. If you have saved your contacts to the sim card as a backup, you must import them again after the factory reset in the new installed system.

How to import Sim card contacts in Android Lollipop we would like to tell you in detail. Please proceed as follows:

Open from the home screen of your Android Lollipop smartphone the contacts app. If you are in the index, then tap at the top right corner at the three-point icon and in the small menu click the "Settings" entry. Next go to "Contacts" --> "Import/ Export contacts"

You will now see a new window where you can choose from several options. These are:

• Import from device storage
• Export to device storage
• Import from SD card
• Export to SD card
• Import from sim card
• Export to sim card

Tap "Import from sim card" to save all contacts of the SIM card inserted to your Android lollipop smartphone device storage. Next a window opens where you can specify the new location. Normally you choose "Device" or "Google Account”. Once you have made your choice, you can now select the contacts on the SIM card you want to transfer on the Android Lollipop smartphone. Once you have made your selection, then tap the top right on "Done".

Your Sim card contacts are now transferred from the Sim card to your Android lollipop smartphone. Finished! You now know how to transfer contacts from the Sim card to the device storage or another account of your smartphone.

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