Android lollipop look for your smartphone - Tip

Many older smartphones will unfortunately receive no update on the new operating system Android Lollipop, because it does no longer fall within the update interval of the manufacturer or has too poor performance. If this happens to your smartphone, then you can use the following trick to get at least the look of the Android Lollipop operating system on your smartphone. it is possible by the Launcher "Nova". We present the Launcher to you now and what settings need to be made so that the surface of the launcher is similar to that of Android lollipop.

At the beginning you have to download from the Google Play Store the free Nova Launcher. Here is the download link

Is it installed, tap on App-Menu --> Nova Launcher. This will automatically set Nova Launcher as the active surface instead of TouchWiz for example.

You now see the surface of the Nova Launcher, which is faster on the one hand and on the other hand shows features such image scrolling homescreen. In order to customize the appearance of the new Android lollipop proceeds as follows:

From the home screen of the Nova Launcher tap on the menu icon on the bottom right and then within the app menu in the upper right corner at the three-point symbol. This will now display a small menu in which "Nova settings" must be selected. In the next menu select:

Look and feel --> Icon Theme

The choices are:

    - system
    - Lollipop
    - KitKat

To view the launcher in Android lollipop look choose "Lollipop" . All the icons will now look like the new Android Lollipop. Even if you dont get the latest Android OS on your smartphone you will get with this launcher at least the optical component of the new software what is hopefully a small consolation.

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