Android Lollipop Meaning of star symbol in status bar - Solved

If you have installed the new Android Lollipop on your Android smartphone, then you might have noticed a new unknown symbol in the status bar. The symbol in the shape of a star. Surely you ask now the question:

What does the star icon in the status bar in Android Lollipop mean?

We want to answer this question and how you can disable this star.

The Star is one of the new features and is called "interruptions" mode , which can be activated in the settings. If the interrupt mode is activated as "Priority" , the star icon in the status bar of your Android smartphone Lollipop appears. "Priority" in the "Interruptions Mode" means that only calls and notifications appear , which you have previously considered as important.

For the classification navigate from the home screen of your Android Lollipop smartphone:

Menu --> Settings --> Sound & Notifications --> interruptions

You know what the the star stands for in  Android Lollipop and how you can set settings in interruption mode. To turn interrupt mode off quickly, press once on the volume button and then select from

     - None
     - Priority
     - All

the entry "All". Finished!

The star icon is now hidden and  the interrupt mode disabled in Android lollipop.


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