Android Lollipop - problems with Google Play Store

If you download apps and applications for your Android Lollipop smartphone from the Google Play Store, it can happen that an error is displayed on your screen. This error may already appear when you open the Google Play store, but also while trying to download and install an app.

The error codes that are displayed on this screen, ranging from "Error920" to "[rpc: s-5: aec-0]" or to the "Error Code401". In all of these error messages that occur within the Google Play store on the Android Lollipop smartphone, there are different solutions. In most cases, there is one solution which solves the error on your Android Lollipop smartphone.We will now explain how to solve general problems with the Google Play Store for Android Lollipop smartphones:

To fix common problems in Google Play Store open from the Homescreen of the Android Lollipop smartphone the App Menu and then go to the settingsof Android. In this tap now on the "Application Manager" button. If the application manager opens, go to the tab "All" and look for "Google Play Store". Have you found the entry, tap on it to open the app information in this system application.
Tap in the following order on the buttons in the app-info to repair or fix the Google Play Store bug.

- Force Stop
- Clear data
- Clear cache
- Uninstall Updates

Do you have tapped all the buttons in the app info of the Google Play store by the above order, restart the Android Lollipop smartphone. For that press once long on the power on/ off button until a small menu appears where you can select "Restart".

After the Lollipop Android smartphone is restarted and the Android system is ready loaded open the Google Play Store and carry out the action by which the error was caused previously. The error should not occur anymore and the Google Play Store on the Android Lollipop smartphone can be used as usual for downloading apps and applications.

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