Android Lollipop remove “Invert colors” from Status Bar

If you have updated your smartphone on the new Android Lollipop operating system, you may notice the following Quick Setting also called Toggle: "Invert Colors"

With this option, the colors of the display can be inverted, which has an effect similar to a "negative" picture. Maybe you are asking now the question: "How do I remove the Invert Colors Toggle from my quick settings in the status bar?”

We want to answer this question to you now:

Since the removal of the toggle "Invert Colors" is currently still occupied by a bug, this must be removed by using the following trick:

1. Sets the date of your Android smartphone Lollipop back by a month and a day. The date can be set via the "Clock" app.
2. Now enable in the settings (App Menu --> Settings) the "Invert Colors" function and then turned them back off
3. Close the settings and then restore the correct date.

Finished! The toggle "Invert Colors" should no longer appear on your Android Lollipop smartphone, if you pull down the status bar.
The trick works because Android Lollipop automatically removes all Quick Settings from the status bar when they are not used for over a month.


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