Android Lollipop update undo possible - How to rollback

The new Android Lollipop has recently appeared for many smartphones to update. Who dared the update, will have noticed many changes. Some of them are good, a few of them not. Now you may ask the question:

“Can I make the Android Lollipop Firmware Update undo?”

This question we want to answer here now.

Basically undo the Android Lollipop firmware update is no problem, but you need the necessary technical knowledge and skills for the procedure. Since you have to flash a KitKat software on your devices using Odin and thereby the smartphone can get unusable, this method is only recommended if you cannot live with Android Lollipop under any circumstances.

The procedure to undo Android Lollipop is then as follows:

Watch Out! Before doing that, make a backup of all data, because the smartphone can be unusable after flashing the old software!

What is needed:

• Android KitKat version of the one you wish to use and the corresponding PIT files (Both can be found on the Internet - Ensure the seriousness of the page)
• Flash software Odin for your PC
• USB driver for your smartphone

Now the first thing is: Install the USB drivers on your PC and Odin. Start Odin now with right-click "Run as administrator". If the software is open, select the Android KitKat firmware in the "AP" form. In "PIT" please select the downloaded file “.pit”.

Turn your smartphone off and start it now in download mode again by hitting the following keys simultaneously:

• Power Button
• Home button
• Volume down button (down key)

Confirm the warning of the download mode and connect the phone to the PC via USB. You can now start on your PC the flash process with Odin. When finished, do a factory reset for the first launch of the operating system. Then you can set up, if no problems arise your Android KitKat operating system on your smartphone.

Should an error appear again, then immediately reset the smartphone to factory settings again, and start the flash process using Odin.
You know now how to downgrade back to Android KitKat from Android Lollipop.

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