Android Marshmallow Problems after update - Solved

The manufacturers have started to provide the new Android Marshmallow for their first smartphones. In the front ranks are LG, Sony, Samsung and HTC. The firmware of Android Marshmallow is mostly offered via OTA, but can also be installed by an add-on software on your computer to your smartphone.

A new firmware update is most of the time rapidly installed by the user on the smartphone, since they provide new features, vulnerabilities are stuffed and with a little luck, the performance of the device is improved. Any new features that Android Marshmallow has integrated can be found here: Changelog Android 6.0 Marshmallow

Unfortunately, it can also be that after the update to Android Marshmallow on your Smartphone problems occur. These may look like this:

Your smartphone is very hot during normal operation, the battery consumption is enormous, Apps load slowly. There are also error messages piling up such as "The process xyz was stopped".

That's why we want to tell you a tip here, which you always should perform after the update to a firmware like Android 6.0. This tip will help you to bypass most of the problems and to solve them.

Run after the firmware update to Android Marshmallo 6.0 the Wipe Cache Partition: This deletes old system files that are left over from the pre-installed Android OS. This is necessary so that old and new files do not get in the way. We show you how to perform a wipe cache partition:

You know now, how to stabilize after a firmware update to Android 6.0 Marshmallow the Android system.

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