Android Marshmallow SD Memory card –Disable notification permanently

After the firmware update to the new Android Marshmallow 6.0.1 you can notice, for example, on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, the Samsung Galaxy S5 etc. that the following message appears in the status bar:

"SD card for transferring photos and videos"

This message appears after each reboot, even if you registered the message and then wiped it from the status bar. Surely you ask yourself whether you can permanently disable this message.

Unfortunately, the answer is "No". In the latest Android firmware from Marshmallow, it is not possible to permanently disable the SD memory card notification. This means that this message always appears on your Android smartphone every time you restart.

With very high probability, however, this will be fixed in one of the next Android versions or updates. If this is the case, then we report to you on Solvemix about it.


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