Android Oreo What's New - Changelog

At the developer conference Google I / O, the operating system Android Oreo was introduced, in particular the changes to the previous version. For this reason, we would like to briefly summarize what Android Oreo will bring for new functions:

  1. Faster take-off speed and stability

Android Oreo is to boot after initial information and tests twice as fast as Android Nougat. In addition, the system should run even more stably and produce fewer crashes. Also the execution of apps should be executed more agile.

  1. Extended battery time

Apps should be prevented from running in the background and consuming battery. 3. More security

In the Play Store, a hint is to be shown, which is intended to alert the user when an app threatens potential danger, for example by a virus.

  1. Easier highlighting of texts

A selection helps the user of Android Oreo to facilitate the marking and copying of text sections. Phone numbers or addresses are marked by a simple tap. The software should be intelligent enough to extend this to other text modules as well.

  1. Picture-in-picture mode

This makes it possible to use an app while watching a video. However, such a function is already available on Samsung Galaxy devices with the pop-up player.

  1. Topic fields for notifications

You can sort notifications by topic and control them better. For example, you can disable all notifications related to "Games".

  1. Autocomplete

Passwords are now automatically used by Google system-wide. This means you only need to link to the Google Account for new devices, and your passwords will be used automatically.

These were the most important changes in Android Oreo. Nothing floating around the world features, but certainly an improvement in the operating system and stability in itself.

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