Android Smartphone - Why do I get no new firmware update?

A firmware update usually brings improvements and new features that improve the smartphone. This is why most of you want to update as soon as possible, if a new firmware version is ready the forown smartphone. Now it may be that you have not the opportunity to install a new firmware, though other users have the same cell phone and already installed it. If so, then you may ask:

Why does my smartphone do not get the new firmware update? We answer this question to you.

There are two variants of smartphones:

  • Smartphone with branding
  • smartphone without branding

Branding means that a mobile operator has designed the firmware and provided it with their own apps and features. This includes, for example, the boot splash screen, which is usually provided with the logo of the provider. Learn more about branding here.

Because customizing the firmware software by the Provider takes time, it usually takes longer and longer until a firmware update is published for a smartphone with branding.

Therefore the "free" Smartphones without branding receive the firmware updates most of the time earlier than the branding devices.

We recommend you therefore always to acquire smartphones, which are available without branding.
You know now why you have not received a new firmware update for your smartphone, although other devices have this installed already.

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