Android - Stabilize video shake afterwards

Everyone knows this: You take a video with your Android smartphone and would like to keep the camera as quiet as possible, but although video disturb the final video. So what can you do now?

Google has optimized its app "Google Photos" and has integrated a new Feature since the last update. With this, it is now possible to stabilize videos later. We'll tell you how it works:

Google Photos Stabilize Videos

  1. Check first to see if you have the latest Google Photos app installed on your Android smartphone
  2. Open the Google Photos app
  3. Select „Albums "and then navigate to the folder where the video to be stabilized is located - tap the video
  4. The video will now appear. Tap on the display to display the menu bar - Select the pen symbol.
  5. The following screen appears: Tap "Stabilize"
  6. If the procedure was successful, you see "Stabilized" in blue on the bottom left
  7. Now tap "save" to secure the video you just edited. You now know the procedure to edit or stabilize a shaky video using your Android smartphone.


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