Android - The latest updates are already installed

If you own an Android smartphone, you will receive new firmware updates at irregular intervals, which updates the Android version or stuffs safety gaps.

If you are looking for a newer firmware version in the Android settings, you may see the following message:

"The latest updates are already installed"

This message can also appear if you know that for your model a new firmware update is available. So what's the reason that your Android smartphone does not yet receive this firmware update?

The reason is simply explained: There are for most Android smartphones differentiated firmware versions. There is a branding free firmware and those, which were adapted by a mobile provider. This is also called “branding” or "free" devices.

An example: The update policy of Samsung for new firmware looks at the moment so that devices with branding, for example from T-Mobile, AT&T or Verizon get a new firmware update faster than free devices. So it may be that a Samsung Galaxy S5 from T-Mobile can already install the latest Android update, a free device not yet.

Instead, the message "The latest updates are already installed” appears. We hope we have given you a glue about the message "The latest updates are already installed", although an update is already available for some smartphones.

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