Android Wear Disable app notifications at your smartwatch

If you have a Smartwatch with Android Wear, then you receive notifications at your watch from your smartphone indicated by a vibrating alarm.The vibration can be annoying if you get a lot of notifications within a day, for example SMS, E-Mails, WhatsApp Messages. Everytime a notification appears on your Smartphone it wil send it to your smartwatch and a vibration at your wrist happens.

Luckily, there is a possibility in Android Wear to disable the smartwatch notification for selected apps. We now explain you how an app can be deselected for notifications to your SmartWatch in Android Wear.

Open on your smartphone the app "Android Wear", with which you can connect your smartphone with the SmartWatch. When you are connected to the clock open the settings within the app. Among them there is the possibility of using "Mute Apps" to disable the notifications by vibration of the SmartWatch on the wrist for certain apps.

A list will appear with all the apps that can send notifications to the SmartWatch. You can now deselect them, so they wont send any notifications to the SmartWatch.

You will then no longer be alerted by a vibration on the wrist each time a new app notification is received by your smartwatch.


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