Android Wear How to enable alarm clock at your smartwatch

The SmartWatch is your daily companion and supports you in many ways. For example as an alarm clock when standing up in the morning. With Android Wear as  operating system, you can activate a new alarm clock and set the time for it as follows.

You can create a new a alarm clock on your Android Wear SmartWatch such as the Samsung Gear Live, Moto 360 or LG G Watch as follows:

1. Create new alarm clock in Android Wear by voice command

The SmartWatch has to be active, so that it will receive voice commands from you. Speak now "Ok Google." You will now see a white screen with a red "g". Say the following voice command to activate the alarm and adjust:

- "Point alarm clock 7.00"

You have now created your first alarm on the SmartWatch with Android Wear.

2. Set the alarm clock via the menu of Android Wear

Touch the display of the SmartWatch and then tap once on the display when the red "G" appears. Now scroll through the Smartwatch menu and then tap on "Set Alarm". Set the time at which you want the alarm to wake you up. Ready! You now have learned about your SmartWatch how to set an alarm clock.
As you can see, it is quite easy to set an alarm with an Android Wear SmartWatch.


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