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If you bought a new smartphone like the Samsung Galaxy S8 in 2017, you will surely want to transfer your data to it. This includes WhatsApp with all the messages you received from your friends and acquaintances. But how to transfer your WhatsApp data to the new Android smartphone? Let's explain this step by step:

  1. Create WhatsApp Backup

First, you need to create a backup with all your data like messages, pictures, videos, etc. on your current smartphone. This works as follows:

Open WhatsApp and there in the chat overview the settings. Select "Chats" and then "Chat Backup". You do not need a Google Drive for this. Simply tap "Save" and a current chat backup is created. 

  1. Copy WhatsApp Backup to PC

You must copy this backup to your PC or Mac. Use your USB cable. Your old smartphone should now be recognized as a removable device. Copy the following folder:

  • Internal memory -> WhatsApp

Copy the entire WhatsApp folder and place it on the desktop of your computer. This is the fastest method

  1. Copy WhatsApp Backup to a new smartphone

Connect the new smartphone to the PC and then copy the previously created WhatsApp Backup to the internal memory so that the following directory path exists:

  • Internal memory / WhatsApp
  1. Download and install WhatsApp from the Google Play Store on the new smartphone

Download the latest WhatsApp version to your new smartphone in the Google Play Store.

  1. Start WhatsApp Import

Starts WhatsApp. A message should appear immediately on the display, whether the import of the found backup should take place. Accept this with "yes".

All your WhatsApp messages are now imported and are then available on the new smartphone, perhaps the Samsung Galaxy S8.

You now know the process to transfer WhatsApp messages from your old smartphone to the new device.

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