Apple iPhone Suppress wind noise - Resolved

If you perform phone calls outdoor phone with a moderate to moderate wind, and your contact complains that the wind noise is too loud, you can fix it as follows.

On the Apple iPhone there is a setting within iOS that reduces exactly this phenomenon. You will find this on the start screen of your iPhone and then navigate to the following submenu of the iOS system:

Settings --> General --> Operating aids

Here you can see a section with "Listening" and within this section the searched function:

  • Noise suppression

Here, the switch must be set from "Off" to "Active". The noise reduction for phone calls is now activated on your iPhone. If you are now talking with the iPhone outside and by the wind, the smartphone should reduce the wind noise on the microphone so that your conversation partner can better understand.

 You now know what you can do on an iPhone if your conversation partner complains about wind noise during a telephone call.


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