ASUS Mainboard How to get into the BIOS

There are different manufacturers of PC hardware, especially of mainboards. A manufacturer with a big name is in this field is ASUS. If you have an ASUS motherboard installed in your desktop PC or laptop, then we would like to show you how to get into the BIOS during the boot process.

The BIOS can be displayed on ASUS motherboards as follows:

  1. Turn your PC off and then restart it.
  2. Once the computer is back on, press immediately the following key on your keyboard:
  • F2

It is essential that you press the key before you start Windows. Otherwise, it is too late.

  1. The BIOS from ASUS is now loaded

In the BIOS various hardware configurations can now be executed, such as the boot order and much more. You now know the procedure to get into the BIOS on an ASUS mainboard.


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